Cut-up Results (and mini competition)

Here a while back I mentioned a great idea Tess Grantham turned me on to – where you randomly select words from books as a way to challenge yourself in starting a story.

So, here, in order, are the references and words:

pg171, line 21, word 8
pg233, line 1, word 6
pg121, line 16, word 3
pg43, line 12, word 8

Later on I’ll post the results of my brainstorm, but in the meantime, if anyone thinks they can be first to discover all 4 books these words are drawn from, and post the answer in the comments here, I’ll send them a copy of my latest poetry collection between giants!)

2013-08-11 15.46.08 2013-08-11 15.44.23 2013-08-11 15.42.51 2013-08-11 15.40.35And to see how Tess does the exercise (properly I might add!) have a look here. Fascinating to see her take the words and roll them into lines, ideas and possibilities!

5 responses to “Cut-up Results (and mini competition)”

  1. book 1: Across the Nightingale Floor
    2: The Color Purple
    3: Royal Assassin
    4. A Beginner’s Guide to Dying in India

    I think so.
    but I already have got the book and think it is wonderful. the challenge was fun enough.

    This last book has interesting name. is it good?

  2. Spot on, Dhyan!
    We’ll figure something out with the book 🙂

    Yep, it’s very interesting – will e-mail you some thoughts soon, here’s a link in the meantime

    1. :d
      O, we don’t need to figure anything out. I was google cheating of course, I would have never find out all books. I wonder how many people on this plant would have solve this.
      Do you think you would?

      It’s been again too long since I have set foot on the great subcontinent, it is true thought somehow to be really dying over there somehow. In the good way of it 😉 I will think of the book next time I manage to go again.

      1. Hahaha, I thought Google would be needed – I think it’d be impossible without it 😀

        When did you last go, Dhyan?

  3. another amazing product of modern life – recognizing books you have never even heard of.

    I have last been about a year and an half ago. Too long if you ask me but life doesn’t allow me to go so often any more. Perhaps also for good but I would be happy to have 2 month at least every 2 years. that would have been a god deal

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