Poem from ‘Pollen & the Storm’

pollen and the storm cover


Looking back to 2008, when pollen and the storm was released, I can see a much younger poet. The poems are often shorter than what I write now, but the haiku influence is there and they’re quite direct and I’m still happy with a lot em – so I thought I’d share one now.

(I’m also going to post one from each of my other collections for the next few days, hope you enjoy!)



funny how odd socks
make me happy

but then, so does wind in my sleeves
or the printed word
and sun dried tomato

so do truly shabby
second hand bookstores
and a whole day without a phone call

so does chocolate that stings my teeth
rain on a tin roof
and your tattoo

funny how these things
are enough.


11 thoughts on “Poem from ‘Pollen & the Storm’

  1. I always fold and roll my pairs of socks together to turn out looking outside out. That way when I unfold them to wear, I have to turn them inside in first. May seem odd, but it keeps me on my toes.

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