Poem from ‘Stepping Over Seasons’

stepping over seasons cover


Jumping to 2009, when stepping over seasons came out, I’m struck by big changes in length and theme. I think SOS spans the widest set of topics I’ve written on in a single collection (so far) and I realise, with a bit of sadness, that I haven’t come back to many of them in subsequent releases.

Here’s the opener:


other objects

my wedding ring is a plain silver
barrel band. same as dad’s, very modest
and very hard to keep smooth,
with scratches I can’t keep track of and
don’t want to hide. it’s no good pretending
the marriage is perfect, no use
hanging all our memories and every
step of the future on just one symbol. other
objects speak of love, too. the weeping
maple we’ve shifted to every house, the
cup we fill with knives and forks
or the handwritten address you gave me
the night we met, walking the city
and flinging orange peel into hedges, things
that endure, things that have lines
and marks to prove them.



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