Poem(s) from ‘Orion Tips the Saucepan’



On to 2010 with orion tips the saucepan. My first haiku collection! I loved selecting ku for this one and adore the smaller format, it’s so damn neat. I tried to give the collection a loose feel of changing seasonality as you read through, which was tough but fun to arrange.

Here’s a few where I tried to show a transition of seasons:


sneaking through the fence
last year’s
blackberry patch

air crisp
beside the road
yellow grass

autumn moon
groan as feet
hit cold tiles

2 thoughts on “Poem(s) from ‘Orion Tips the Saucepan’

  1. You enlightened me today Ash. I don’t think I ever deliberately thought about that transition in this way. It fits so well to my studies I am almost ashamed I didn’t see it. Perhaps I need to be reintroduced into the Japanese world of haiku

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