Goodreads Giveaway Goes Live

Here’s the long awaited Goodreads Giveaway – so if you’re on the site and would like a chance to win a signed copy of City of Masks, check it out below!

CityofMasks(final)You can read the blurb under right here and check out the first 5 chapters on Amazon via the ebook version.


3 responses to “Goodreads Giveaway Goes Live”

  1. Any word on the print version, Ash?

    1. Hey! Not really, sadly – Amazon was supposed to have it live late last week. Maybe Independence Day slowed things down?

      Hope it’s soon, coz I scheduled the Giveaway back when I thought the print version would be live from the 4th 😀

  2. Reblogged this on Utopian Fragments and commented:
    Here is your free chance to a book with a scary scull on it.

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