Print Edition of City of Masks Available!


Ok! Last post from me about this for a while, but right now, proofed and live on Amazon, waits the print version of City of Masks, my first novel!

You should be able to order through bookstores at this point too – so please ask if you’re interested, as I’d love to know what stores plan to charge etc 🙂

In the meantime, if you’ve got an Amazon account, you can order right now, here and here:

City of Masks – Print Edition

City of Masks – Print Edition

But be warned, if you’re shipping to Oz it will be quite expensive, so I’ll let everyone know when there’s a special deal or if something changes. (I’ll be getting some stock of my own to sell, so that’s in the pipeline too.)

Hope you like it!

(E-book available too)

2 responses to “Print Edition of City of Masks Available!”

  1. you must be over the moon Ashley 🙂 I am a bit swamped with books at the moment, but will definitely buy your book down the track – congrats again

    1. Fantastic, thank you, Gabrielle – hope you like it! 🙂
      Still odd to see it on the shelf here, actually – different from a poetry collection for some reason, though I think it shouldn’t be.

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