cut up #1.2014

I’m a big fan of the ‘cut-up’ approach to poetry, it’s usually pretty damn fun and I think it allows for unexpected images and ideas to come to the fore – so this time I went with an unfinished draft of one of my own poems, but with the restriction that I take the first line from every stanza, instead of taking randomly.

I’ll probably try a few more of these over the year – probably much longer ones too.

Here’s the result:


two drunk kids
as streetlights
and cars
sneak into the dusk

5 thoughts on “cut up #1.2014

  1. Thanks, Cheryl & Dhyan – I Iike the way it’s worked out πŸ™‚

    Here’s the original poem in progress as it stands at the moment:

    two drunk kids
    make their way across the bridge
    echoing like a couple
    of gunshots

    pelicans and their briefcase bills

    as streetlights
    report for service
    on in a white

    and cars sneak into the dusk
    their sleek bodies

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