Ten Books that Have Stayed with Me

Over at the CityofMasks blog I’ve just done a post on ’10 books that have stayed with me’ and it was a lot of fun, I recommend making one, it’s a nice alternative to a ‘best of’ list (which I also love!).

Looking over it now I’m noting that I read a lot of the ones which stayed with me as a teen, which is probably not a coincidence. Another factor is probably how many I’ve re-read!

Here’s the list if you’re curious 🙂 Love to know if you’ve read any and what you thought of them if you did!


6 thoughts on “Ten Books that Have Stayed with Me

  1. I wouldn’t be able to make such a list. it always changes.

    I did read On the Road – cannot say anything as it is s o m u c h spoke of that I don’t think I could think without being biassed .

    I have read the Hobbit as a teenager. I think the most I can say looking back at it now is that I don’t really remember reading it. I think I have read Lord of the Rings before and liked it more.

    • I understand exactly what you mean, Dhyan – it’s so hard to look at On the Road now without seeing it’s history, it’s cultural impact!

      I used to like LOTR more too, but the last time I reread the Hobbit I was struck at how tightly it’s plotted, and how big an adventure it is 🙂

      • yep, I was a very different man back then (a child in fact) – perhaps it is soon the time to reread it.

        as for On the Road – it so much part of the American culture (which affects all of us) that I am not sure I can even see or understand fully what part does it play in it.

    • Thanks for the link, Jane – I think I agree, that time is like ‘memory burn’ to quote Kramer! And the point it makes about music too, that feels spot on.
      I still have to read To Kill a Mockingbird, it’s on my list! I actually started Brave New World earlier this year and haven’t got back to it yet, must remedy that!

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