Christmas, 2015 & Reviews

2014 has been a big year in terms of writing & publishing (3 titles released this year!) and rough spots (especially health-wise – having a bit of back trouble of late) but squeezed in there has been a lot of fun too. Music, volleyball, great food – and I even managed to read a few books!

tfw old stone - haiku (larger)2 - Copy CityofMasks(final)

I really did enjoy preparing The Fairy Wren for publication and having some great early reviews come in has been a relief. I think being the one upon which ultimate responsibility falls, for all aspects of quality control, adds more pressure but also more satisfaction to a work.

I’ve also been really happy with the way City of Masks has been received, so thank you to everyone who has read a copy!

In 2015 I hope to read the entire Tintin Series, publish a novella (Sea of Trees) and another novel (The Lost Mask), hopefully record a spoken word CD of poetry, finish writing Greatmask (Book 3 of the Bone Mask Trilogy) and announce a Book Pack Competition in January, details of which are to follow!

Have a great break and hope to see you here in 2015!


5 responses to “Christmas, 2015 & Reviews”

  1. Well done Ash. Really enjoying Old Stone btw.

    1. Thanks! I feel tired just looking back over the post!
      Awesome to hear that about Old Stone too 😀

  2. Gee Ash, you have been seriously busy.
    I am yet to get any of these new titles. I don’t have the energy to read a book those days. In the meantime I keep returning to older stuff from you. Old Stone always looks so great, it’s on my list for the near future.
    And setting up so many wonderful travel location for the coming year – I am envy

    Have a wonderful holy-days and a creative year

    1. You too, Dhyan! Hope they’re relaxing but fulfilling too 🙂
      And it’s wonderful to hear you’re still reading my old books too! What have you got planned for 2015?

      1. Ei, here we have no holidays, actually.
        As for 2015 I don’t see much of happening in regard to poetry and writing. I simply hope to continue writing and submitting. I have the smallest of hopes I might be able to put together, finally, a little collection and that too only with the enormous help and encouragement of a wonderful woman.

        I must focus of finishing my Uni stuff. My luck is that most of it must be done in the next semester so one half of that 2015 might be more relaxed on that front. 😉

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