The Tintin 2015 Reading Challenge: The Black Island

Continuing my Tintin Reading Challenge is an entry for The Black Island. (Last time I read The Broken Ear). I’m actually running behind, so somewhere between now and December I’m going to have to post a few extra reviews in one month, but for now – here’s my response to the 7th adventure:

#7 – 1938

Fantastic! Not my all time fav but right up there among Tintin’s top 5 adventures I reckon.

There’s so much to like here – it’s one one of the more deft, tightly controlled plots with Herge bringing together his usual twists, humor, intrigue and scene-setting in a brilliant work that never lets up but never feels rushed. I won’t rehash the plot but I was gripped instantly the first time I read this as a kid – and this time around – Tintin is shot on the opening page!

His investigation sends him eventually to Scotland, sees him piloting a plane and taking on a gorilla, the poor, mistreated Ranko. In fact, I must say Tintin is VERY impatient with Snowy in this adventure too, thumping him a bit and generally being ungrateful.

As ever, there are some wonderful panels and settings. I enjoyed seeing Snowy quite pleased with himself upon finding the bone and the detail inside Dr Muller’s home was lovely too. The great vertical panels where the fire inspector climbs to the nest also stood out – or the medium shot of the island and the ruined castle.

In fact I wish there’d been more time spent on the island, it’s my only real issue with this volume – but as compensation, there were rakes – man’s oldest foe.

Next up: King Ottokars Sceptre.

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