A Whisper of Leaves – Cover Revealed


Very excited to announce the cover for my novella-length ghost story – A Whisper of Leaves!

As with my previous fiction title, The Fairy Wren, the cover was made by the wonderful Rebekah Haskell who also offers great pre-made covers over at Vivid Covers. Stay tuned for the release in the coming weeks 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Whisper of Leaves – Cover Revealed

  1. That’s a very cool cover, Ash! I love it!

    Now, you know I can’t help myself, but I’m a little unsure about the red for your name. While I like the idea of it, it might be a little difficult to read. Of course, on-screen is different to print… just a thought. 🙂 But the cover art? Beautiful!

    • Thanks, me too 😀

      I did think of that yeah, but in the end I think I liked the colour more than the ability to read the name super clear and felt like you, print would be clearer – and I also thought, my name wouldn’t matter compared to the overall feel? Like, I’m an unknown to most readers so it doesn’t matter who I am? 🙂

      Or am I being a bit had on myself, perhaps?

      • Well of course you’re being too hard on yourself! While the cover will draw the reader, they will look to see who wrote the book (I know I do – although it isn’t a deciding purchase factor). In print, it will probably be clearer – I know The Fairy Wren seemed to jump off the page a lot more in print than on-screen… so… yeah…aah… that really doesn’t help, does it? 🙂

        • Lol! It does 🙂
          I’m hoping to hold the real thing in my hands late next week or early the week after, so I’ll take a photo of it I reckon. Maybe I do the same thing, I check but it isn’t a deciding factor – unless I know the author? I’m likely to read a Brandon Sanderson or a Jack Kerouac, of course, simply because I like their previous works.
          Give me a few more decades to catch up to those two but! 😀

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