Review: A WHISPER OF LEAVES – Ashley Capes

Fantastic review of ‘A Whisper of Leaves’ from Space and Sorcery!

Space and Sorcery

25266010I received this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review.

Ashley Capes is a very eclectic writer: I became aware of his writing through the first book of his fantasy saga, City of Masks and its sequel The Lost Mask that should reach the shelves soon. Then I was asked to read and review his novella The Fairy Wren, a curious and inspired combination of mainstream and fantastic elements. I also know he writes poetry, even though my abysmal ignorance of the medium prevents me from appreciating what I’m certain are equally enjoyable works.

So, when Mr. Capes proposed I read his newest novella, A Whisper of Leaves, I accepted immediately, since I was curious to see what new avenues he would lead me along. This is again a different kind of story, both in concept and background, since it’s based in Japan: even though…

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