New Cover for Stepping Over Seasons

As I mentioned not long ago, the sad news around funding for the Arts in Australia right now has impacted a lot of great journals and presses, one of which being IP, who published Stepping Over Seasons for me.

Due to this, I’ve taken on SOS myself and wanted to share a mock-up for the new cover, hope you like it!


Like my cover for The Fairy Wren and A Whisper of Leaves this was designed by the awesome Rebekah Haskell whose work can be found here at VividCovers. Stay tuned for a re-release date, hopefully late July.

10 thoughts on “New Cover for Stepping Over Seasons

  1. love the cover – gives a sense of big, as you would expect when you’re ‘stepping over seasons’ 😊 It is really shocking what Brandis is doing – is already resulting in redundancies and many journals will be impacted 😈

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