little boy

little boy

territory denial and a man true to his mother

the shutter
is actually arranged to interrupt light
and the apple-worm is a pinkish-white finger

the poster may have said

a girl (and her doll) wearing pajamas
was common to find in graves

Holst, Mars (06 August 1945 – present day)

crushing rail, vehicular, and pedestrian traffic
is a semi-autobiographical novel
by another confectioner’s son

struck by a laundry truck
full of dirty atoms
an appetizer popularized in Manhattan
(does an oven mitt have a liver?)

whether you’re looking for an inexpensive derby
or a legacy of bones

the only food colouring in the factory is pink. Walter used it.

(first published in Cottonmouth zine, July 2008)



Here’s a poem with cut-up elements that I wrote a while back – the LANGUAGE Poets influence might be visible? I’m not sure but here it is, a blast from a few years back 🙂

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