Poetry & Place – Table of Contents

Expect brilliant poetry in a variety of forms from the following writers!


James Croteau
Alan Summers
Marisa Fazio
Judit Hollos
Barbara A Meier
Ivy Alvarez
Lorin Ford
Brenda Saunders
Caitlin Thomson
Duncan Richardson
Elliot Nicely
Sandra Simpson
Mark Miller
Fiona McIIroy
Carolyn Gerrish
Guy Traiber
Frank Russo
Irene Wilkie
Jacqueline Buswell
Colleen Z Burke
Sarah Rice
Jeff Schiff
jenni nixon
Jenny Blackford
Jill Jones
John Stokes
Marilynne Thomas Walton
Julie Storer
Karen Andrews
Vanessa Proctor
Kevin Gillam
Les Wicks
Mran-Maree Laing
Nikki Carr
Jan Napier
Rasma Haidri
Joyce Joslin Lorenson
S.E. Street
S. G. Larner
SuzAnne C. Cole
Tina Schumann
J. Todd Hawkins
Traudl Tan
Valentina Cano
Mark William Jackson
Faith de Savigné
Stu Hatton
Chris Lynch
Jill McKeowen
Stuart Barnes
Billy Antonio
Jane Downing
Nathanael O’Reilly
Ben Walter
Frances Olive
Benjamin Dodds
Diana Jamieson
Andrew Phillips
SB Wright
Ron C. Moss
A. S. Patric
Michele Seminara
Jonathan Hadwen
Joyce Parkes
Anne Elvey
Brad Frederiksen
Amelia Walker
Koraly Dimitriadis
Jerome Gagnon
Emma Rose Smith
Margaret Bradstock
Christine Burrows
Karen Lowry
Monica Carroll
Janis Butler Holm
Frances Donovan
Margaret Owen Ruckert
Wes Lee
Nina Longfield
John Upton
Veronica Lake
Gabrielle Rowe
Robyn Sykes
Alison Miller
Katarina Boudreaux
Alice Allan
Nicola Scholes
Penny Gibson
Jane Williams
Simon Hanson


Typsetting continues – stay tuned for more news soon.

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