The Tintin Reading Challenge 2015-2016: The Shooting Star

And so – about 50 months later, I’m continuing the Tintin Reading Challenge πŸ˜€

(Last was The Crab with the Golden Claws) and today it’s The Shooting Star.



#10 1942

Another Tintin story that has really stuck in my memory since childhood – it was great to return to this one. The Shooting Star feels unique because it has a bit of a science fiction/fantastical feel to it, courtesy of the star and the almost magical island it creates – with those giant mushrooms!

It’s also notable for another appearance of a pre-Calculus Calculus-style professor and another nice Haddock insult (‘woodlice’) along with a good dose of slapstick, though what stood out this time around was the tension and fear in the opening. Thanks to the threat of the approaching meteorite, Tintin becomes convinced that the end of the world is near and the melting streets and the general panic is shown really well.

(Also extremely amusing to see that Haddock has been given an honorary position as President of the Society of Sober Sailors :D)

Up next: The Secret of the Unicorn

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