The Moss Dragon of Brittlekeep – Releasing Tomorrow!

One day I hope to share some actual poetry news here, but in the meantime I’m excited to announce my first fiction release in over a year!

This is also the first time I’ve written a book specifically aimed at the YA category too 🙂

Here’s the blurb:

When Penny stumbles across a dragon’s tooth beneath the city cemetery she unwittingly becomes a target of the Brittlekeep’s master and his dark magic.

Worse, Lord Masamor seems to know about her Fire-Hands – a magic he wants to possess.

With only her talking locket (the mysterious Bear) to rely upon, Penny tries to flee the city but when she encounters a group of rebels, she realises that Masamor is not the only one seeking her…

Faced with flight into the unknown or capture by those who will stop at nothing to harness her power, Penny must walk a perilous path to freedom.

The print edition is still in the works but you can pre-order/order the ebook via this link:

The Moss Dragon of Brittlekeep

Hope you like it!


2 responses to “The Moss Dragon of Brittlekeep – Releasing Tomorrow!”

  1. Finally 🙂 I waited so long. Thank you.
    I’m really excited for tomorrow when I will have the e-book on my reader. Will there be a paperback?

    1. Hi Ulla!

      I really hope you enjoy it after such a long wait 🙂

      (There will definitely be a paperback, I’m hoping to have it ready in the next 2-3 weeks)

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