Seeking Participants – Poetry Fundraiser for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

Hi everyone,

I’m writing to ask if you’d be interested (or know a poet who might be) in participating in a fundraiser for the ASRC (Asylum Seeker Resource Centre).

As you may or may not know, Australia continues its human rights abuses in regard to people seeking asylum here and I want to try something to help.

My idea is a simple cross-promotion between poets.

Basically, I create a ‘landing page’ which lists our poetry titles and purchase options.

Participants then direct their audiences to that page during the fundraiser (likely over one weekend) and readers purchase the ebooks/books. We then pass on a percentage of our sales to the ASRC.

For my own poetry sales during the fundraiser I’ll be donating 100% and for the titles that I publish via Close-Up Books, I’ll forward the publisher’s share.

If you’d like to be involved please let me know!

Please also ask questions if you have them, and I will do my best to get back to you this week.

In brief, if you want to get involved you’d have to decide/provide a few things:

  1. Names of title(s) you want to list/cover art etc
  2. What format(s) you want to offer
  3. Whether you will offer a discount on price
  4. What percentage of royalties you will donate
  5. Whether you’re comfortable sending that percentage to me to tally
    up and then donate to the ASRC on your behalf (via paypal).

I know folks might have to spend a bit of time thinking this over, contacting publishers etc, but if enough people are interested I’d like to lock in a weekend in early July or August for the fundraiser.

Again, if you can spread the word, that would be great! I know there are plenty of important causes worldwide but if you have room for one more, that would be fantastic.

Again, please ask if you have any questions!


Beneath the Ferny Tree – Available Now!

Close-Up Books

Very proud to announce the release of David Schembri’s horror and dark fantasy collection Beneath the Ferny Tree!

You can grab a copy at any retailer via this link right here and the paperback edition is right around the corner too!

Over here you can learn a little more about David and his other work too, like his first collection Unearthly Fables.

Dig into the cold earth, pull away the damp leaves and burrow deep down to uncover true darkness…

Face the horror of war-torn Germany with Edmund as he fights to rescue his family. Confront the same overwhelming dread as Cody, in the midst of a futuristic prison, is haunted by his past and desperate for a chance at redemption. Discover true monsters aboard a slaver’s ship on the high seas and witness a more twisted side to Christmas.

Uncover these and other bleak mysteries in Beneath the Ferny…

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Submission Guidelines (Open 30th April – 30th July)

Open now!

Close-Up Books

Submissions are now open!


We’re looking for a wide range of poetry styles, including but not limited to free-verse, experimental works, haiku, haibun and related forms along with just about any other style or form out there. If you’re not sure whether what you’re doing is a fit – please query first.


Submissions open Monday 30th April

Submissions close Monday 30th July

Response Time:

Our response time will be between 3-6 months after receipt of MS, depending on the amount of submissions received.


If your work is accepted and you agree to the terms of contract, publication date will be within 6 months from the signing of contracts.

As experienced writers and editors, we will assist any successful applicants in the polishing of their work to the highest standard and afterwards, we’ll push as hard as we can to get your work not only out…

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VI on Sale for 99c / $10

Just a quick note to say that my final poetry collection VI is on sale for the first time since it’s release – the ebook is 99c across various retailers and I have a few print copies left, which I’m selling for $10 posted 🙂

(click the image to choose your preferred retailer)


And you can contact me via e-mail to order a print copy 🙂  [     mountain0ash[at]gmail[dot]com    ]


You can also sample some of the poems here:

four poems
each pale song
into a tin can


The BOOK OF NEVER box-set and Author Interview

Thanks to Maddalena for the awesome interview, had a great time talking about the books!!

Space and Sorcery

Serialized novels are becoming more and more frequent these days, in a sort of call-back to the 19th century, when books were issued in weekly installments. Australian author Ashley Capes choose to do so with his Book of Never, and I now understand how those enthralled readers must have felt back then, as they waited to know what happened next.

Never’s story is both an adventure and a quest, and follows the journey of this intriguing character as he moves across a colorful and dangerous imaginary world in search of answers about his identity and his past, while the current civilization stands on the brink of war, a conflict that seems to be instigated by mysterious forces beyond anyone’s control.

There are many indications, along the way, that Never’s world used to host a more advanced civilization, one whose remnants are either puzzling mysteries or dangerous places, and…

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Survey! For Free!!!

Yep, that’s right – A FREE SURVEY! No cost to you!


Okay, in all seriousness now, I’d love your opinion if you’ve got 1-3 minutes spare?

If you’ve ever read my poetry or fiction in the past I’m hoping you can help me decide what my next release should be. If so, check out this short survey below and grab a free e-book while you’re at it

Survey (via Survey Monkey)