VI on Sale for 99c / $10

Just a quick note to say that my final poetry collection VI is on sale for the first time since it’s release – the ebook is 99c across various retailers and I have a few print copies left, which I’m selling for $10 posted 🙂

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And you can contact me via e-mail to order a print copy 🙂  [     mountain0ash[at]gmail[dot]com    ]


You can also sample some of the poems here:

four poems
each pale song
into a tin can


The BOOK OF NEVER box-set and Author Interview

Thanks to Maddalena for the awesome interview, had a great time talking about the books!!

Space and Sorcery

Serialized novels are becoming more and more frequent these days, in a sort of call-back to the 19th century, when books were issued in weekly installments. Australian author Ashley Capes choose to do so with his Book of Never, and I now understand how those enthralled readers must have felt back then, as they waited to know what happened next.

Never’s story is both an adventure and a quest, and follows the journey of this intriguing character as he moves across a colorful and dangerous imaginary world in search of answers about his identity and his past, while the current civilization stands on the brink of war, a conflict that seems to be instigated by mysterious forces beyond anyone’s control.

There are many indications, along the way, that Never’s world used to host a more advanced civilization, one whose remnants are either puzzling mysteries or dangerous places, and…

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Survey! For Free!!!

Yep, that’s right – A FREE SURVEY! No cost to you!


Okay, in all seriousness now, I’d love your opinion if you’ve got 1-3 minutes spare?

If you’ve ever read my poetry or fiction in the past I’m hoping you can help me decide what my next release should be. If so, check out this short survey below and grab a free e-book while you’re at it

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Launch Week, Day Five – Jenny Blackford, Alice Allan, Mran-Maree Laing, Julie Storer and Vanessa Proctor

Final day of launch week for the P&P Anthology!

Hear poetry from Jenny Blackford, Alice Allan, Mran-Maree Laing, Julie Storer and Vanessa Proctor!

2015 Poetry & Place Anthology

It’s the final day of the week-long digital launch! Thanks to everyone for listening and spreading the word

Below is a big line-up with spoken word pieces from Jenny Blackford (An Afterlife of Stone) Alice Allan (On His Wedding Day) Mran-Maree Laing (Running Away and Coming Back) Julie Storer (This City) and Vanessa Proctor (Crossing the Harbour Bridge).

Here they are:

Thanks once again to all the poets – those who sent in work on a tight deadline and those who are featured in the anthology too, and all the readers out there!

Ashley & Brooke

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