Old Stone: Haiku, Senryu & Haibun

Available via paypal & post from Ginninderra Press, my latest poetry collection, old stone: haiku, senryu & haibun!

old stone - haiku (larger)2 - Copy


Here’s a few poems from the collection – ‘Vatican blues’ was previously published by CHO, and haiku & senryu appeared in Heron’s Nest and the Third Australian Haiku Anthology. ‘writing late’ was previously unpublished.

this year
instead of bushfire
big dragonflies


drying off
the bathtub sings
an awful song


writing late
moths patter
against the glass



Vatican blues

At each bottle-necked corridor it’s one step forward, two steps back. The tour groups are a mass of wandering cattle, linked by their brightly coloured transistors. They bump into us, rigid, processional, lacking sense of purpose and trampling ghosts of the past. Occasionally an arm steals above the din and at its top, like a star on a Christmas tree, is the unblinking eye of a camera. It makes its theft and retracts in shame.

sweat beads
we stake out
the open window



See the first review over at the wonderful Adventures of a Bookonaut!


Available from:

Collected Works Bookshop
Ginninderra Press

Send me an e-mail: mountain0ash[at]gmail[dot]com

6 responses to “Old Stone: Haiku, Senryu & Haibun”

  1. Ashley, your best collection yet.

  2. Love the Vatican blues. It exactly captures the experience, down to the theft of the images. So good. Thank you!

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