Martha Richardson Memorial Poetry Prize

Announcing the return of the Martha Richardson Memorial Poetry Prize, run by Ballarat Writers to honour the memory of poet, Martha Richardson.

Poetry to 40 lines, open theme
First prize: $1000 AUD
Judge: Judith Rodriguez
Entry $10 per poem
Closing date: 15 October 2010
Results announced online December 2010

Guidelines and entry details available here

Cordite – Zombie Renku – Room for Fresh Blood!

The zombie-themed renku has just hit halfway (18 verses to go) and we’ve got room for fresh blood!

So if you’re interested in learning about the amazing renku process of collaborative linked verse, then stumble over and join in! You don’t need to know a lot about renku, and so long as you’re aware of the basics of haiku, you’ll pick this up – it’s all about link and shift!

Here’s the intro/guide to the feature

And here’s the renku as it progresses

new work & submissions open – bounce on over to ‘kipple’

for another great poem from Benjamin Dodds

(subs to kipple are always open, and my response time is usually around 2 weeks – looking for 1 poem per sub per writer, from just about anyone, so roll up folks and send me a poem)

e-mail subs for kipple  mountainοash[at]gmail[dot]com

NOTE: for the email address, just make the required substitutions between the brackets, and because the wordpress font is unclear, I should mention that between ‘mountain’ and ‘ash’ that’s a zero rather than the letter ‘o’!

Oshima International Handmade Picture Book Contest

The Oshima Museum of Picture Books invites entries for the Oshima International Handmade Picture Book Contest, 2010.

Guidelines are now available on the website.

The entry period is 8 May 2010-30 May 2010.


(This is a fascinating idea, nothing I could ever accomplish, but if someone out there can, it’s worth having a shot!)

Karrinyup Writers’ Club 25th Anniversary Poetry & SS Comp 2010

The Karrinyup Writers’ Club Inc is celebrating its 25th Anniversary and we have launched a nation-wide writing competition.  It has two sections – fiction and poetry – with a first prize of $300 in each sections.

For entry forms, contact: Ph: 08 9344 1757 or email:

Short Story: maximum 2000 words – Open theme.
Poetry: maximum 60 lines – Open theme.

First Prize – both sections $300; Second Prize – both sections $150; Third Prize – both sections $75

Full details

slow to get there

the new year starts
with a documentary on Stax
and Otis blowing them away
at Monterey

the doors and windows are open
but there’s no breeze,
just more and more heat
as if the sun had hidden it
in house-bricks for later,
and now mocks the moon,
now puts a heavy hand on my chest,
where I have sunk into the couch,
like the slowest of shipwrecks.

(I’ve just realised that I’ve been dating all my poems 2009 for the whole of Jan for some reason – including this one, which was written New Year’s day. Denial?)