Farm & Boneless at QPF- featuring Graham and Sheish

Here’s a short video of me reading two pieces from one of my sets at last month’s Queensland Poetry Festival. The first is ‘Farm‘ and a newer one, ‘Boneless.’ It was damn good. And Graham and Sheish are just perfect here – in truth I am accompanying them!

I hope to upload other footage of our set in the future, but I’m away for a few weeks and so this little post will be all until I return!


‘Let it Rain’ – Graham Nunn and Sheish Money at QPF!

Continuing my QPF come-down, I’m going to be uploading bits and pieces from the festival. Today, it’s the closing set from Graham Nunn and Sheish Money at the Queensland Poetry Festival – they perform their piece ‘Let it Rain’ and it is wonderful, wonderful stuff. Everything works so well (except my reasonably average camera work!)



Theatre Space of the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts. Closing night of the QPF 28.8.11.

The 2011 QPF Filmmakers Challenge Winner

This is well worth the click! Filmmaker Alex Scott has animated a poem, I Statements by Randall $tephens in an impressive collaboration. Medium and subject really mesh here, and it’s easy to see why Alex won the 2011 QPF Filmmakers Challenge. I saw this at the Festival on the big screen and it was mighty good.


A Clip from the Festival – Haiku

Woah. Massive few days – amazing stuff. I still haven’t managed to digest it all, but I will be taking to the time to write up my thoughts and experiences in proper detail, as soon as I can!

In the meantime, here’s some of the haiku I performed as part of my last reading. And thanks once again to those of you who could come along – and a quick but heartfelt thanks to Sarah, Sheish & Graham too, but more on that later.

Just 2 Days Till the Queensland Poetry Festival Kicks Off!

As I’ve mentioned, I’ll be appearing at this year’s Queensland Poetry Festival! Getting very excited now. So if you’re in Brisbane this weekend (Fri-Sun), I’d would love to see you there. I have 3 performances, SAT 11:45am & 8:00pm, and SUN 3:15pm. The Festival will be at the Judith Wright Centre of Performing Arts.

There are dozens of fantastic names scheduled:

Sandra Thibodeaux / Sawako Nakayasu / Jacob Polley / Zenobia Frost / Kate Fagan / Helen Avery / Paul Sherman / Ross Clark / Julie Beveridge / Ashley Capes / John Koenig / Carmen Keates / Cindy Keong / Tim Sinclair / Amanda Joy / Chloe Wilson / Pascalle Burton / Nathan Shepherdson / David Stavanger / Ghostboy / Johanna Featherstone / Matt Hetherington / Jeremy Thompson / Angela Gardner / Louise Oxley / Lesley Synge / Max Ryan / Ron Pretty / Jaya Savige / Aidan Coleman / Kevin Gillam / Andy White / Marisa Allen / Eliza Hull / Eleanor Jackson / Bit Booker / Nick Powell / Vladislav Nekliaev / Michelle Dicinoski / Chris Lynch / Betsy Turcot / Nicola Scholes / Sheish Money / QPF Program Committee

Full programme details can be found here

And an interview with me is here

I’m especially looking forward to performing with Sheish and Graham during Saturday’s set – we’re going to improvise it as much as possible – can’t wait!

Tickets for the opening event, Of Rhythm and Rapture are available here – and for such a great line-up $25 or less is a steal

Readings from the Jane Williams’ Launch

Here’s a couple of youtube clips from the recent readings for the launch of Jane Williams’  latest collection City of Possibilities, released by IP.  Lots of great readers, including Jane Williams, Lorraine McGuigan, EA Gleeson, BN Oakman and Leah Kaminsky.  And I’m in the first one too. Actually, I half imagined someone to stand up and shout out for me to slow down, hahaha (crank the volume a bit)

Part One: Lorraine, EA Gleenson, BN Oakman and myself

Part Two: Leah and Jane

Queensland Poetry Festival!

Utterly astounded, joyous too, to let you know that I’m a performer at this year’s QPF!

I’m living in a high state of anticipation – here’s just a smidgen of info for now – but if you’re going to be in Brisbane August26-28th then I’d love to see you there.

There’s an interview with me conducted by John Wainwright – just got to ‘program’ and then ‘artists’ – and while you’re there check out the host of other talents appearing over the weekend.