New Haiku in AHG & a Memoriam for John Carley

I suspect I’ve written posts about Haibun Today and A Hundred Gourds each March over the last couple of years – but here we are again with new issues!

Haibun Today‘s latest has heaps of great pieces, one of my favs is by Lynn Wohlwend – check it out here.

A Hundred Gourds includes one of my haiku right here – which I couldn’t find at first because I’m hopeless I think! Luckily editor Lorin Ford reminded me of the index 🙂

HEAPS of great stuff there, where I also wanted to draw your attention to the Memoriam for John Carley, a generous, witty man and someone I, along with many others, considered a mentor in the renku world. He is missed though thankfully his work will not be forgotten.

Thank you, John.

A Haibun & Haiku Update

heron1Today I wanted to share some acceptances and also some submission openings in the haiku/haibun world. Most recently I was lucky enough to have pieces accepted at both Haibun Today and The Heron’s Nest.

First, here’s a winter themed haibun and then a haiku in the opposite season!

Browsing over at the latest Heron’s Nest there’s you’ll find a lot of great haiku – I especially enjoyed this one from Lorin Ford:

last quarter moon—
the scrape of a blade
on the whetstone

and this one from Chad Lee Robinson:

a distant cloud
dragging rain—
the swish of horse tails

It’s also worth checking out the latest issue of A Hundred Gourds – heaps of great haiku, haibun and renku there. This one I love from Raj K. Bose:

storm clouds
not knowing
my future

Submissions for all three journals are open now/closing soon:


A Hundred Gourds – Submissions Open

Hi everyone!

A new issue of AHG has just gone live, and with it a submission deadline – so if you’ve got some haiku you’re keen to submit, have a look at the guidelines here and see if you can get your sub in before September 15th.

AHG is a great, very diverse publication showcasing haiku, haibun, haiga, tanka and renku, along with great features and an ‘expositions’ section – well worth checking out!

Looking back, two ‘old’ poems

I just received news that Westerly has a new website (and it’s great too) which includes digital downloads of back issues!

I love that they’ve chosen to do this and thought I’d also share a link to Issue 54:1 (July 2009) which featured one of my poems on p158, The Jacket (the poem which closes my collection Stepping over Seasons) and a host of other great work. Have a look if you’ve time!

Westerly+Vol.+54+no.+1_part1.pdf-400x576And looking back to June 2012 – is the publication of a haiku I wrote on the Amalfi Coast in 2011, a piece which takes me back there each time I see it. Here’s the link, to the wonderful haiku (& related forms) journal A Hundred Gourds!