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Yep, that’s right – A FREE SURVEY! No cost to you!


Okay, in all seriousness now, I’d love your opinion if you’ve got 1-3 minutes spare?

If you’ve ever read my poetry or fiction in the past I’m hoping you can help me decide what my next release should be. If so, check out this short survey below and grab a free e-book while you’re at it

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The Fairy Wren – Due in Oct

Approximately a month until my next release is available, hopefully a bit less if I’m lucky and Lightning Source ship me a proof copy quicker than I’ve estimated!

The release of The Fairy Wren is giving me a bit more in the way of nerves than any of my poetry collections over the last six years or City of Masks earlier this year. And that’s doubtless because I’ve been more involved with every step of production, from writing to typesetting, to direction of cover art, pricing etc, and while I’ve had combinations of some of these aspects under my control with most of my other releases, this remains different.

I’m the one with the final say on every aspect and so I’m feeling a bit of pressure to make sure my instincts are actually on track. Of course, in Oct I hope to find out!

Scroll down over here to read a tiny bit about the (short) novel – more info to follow.

Twitter, Regime & between giants!

Just wanted to share this wonderful snapshot from Twitter – thanks for the support, Stuart!

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And mention that I’ll soon be appearing in Regime 02 – can’t wait to see the issue!

Here’s some details:


The Second Edition of Regime Magazine is an impressive collection of poetry, fiction and performance writing that is Australian in essence, but international in outlook.

Not only are we proud to publish new work by Australian writers such as Geoff Page, Ryan O’Neill, Shane McCauley, Kate Middleton, Andrew Burke, Graham Nunn and Roland Leach (and so many others), we include international voices such as Frederick Pollack, Karla Linn Merrifield, Paul Fauteux and Jonathan Greenhause.

If you are thinking of submitting your work to Regime Magazine, you can also purchase a copy of Regime 02 through our online submissions manager: