Advice from Chuck Palahniuk

Cross posting from Close-Up Editing & Assessment today, with some great advice from Chuck Palahniuk:

Eliminate Thought Verbs & Show, Show, Show

where he tears into the writing which ‘tells’ or sums up too much. Of course, there’s always a place for ‘telling’ in storytelling, not everything should be shown. Pacing is still important, but for me, Chuck does a great job of giving examples of what ought to be shown rather than told to the reader.

My question here is, if anyone’s feeling chatty – at what point does a strong voice (that might tell a story or parts of a narrative) trump the old ‘show don’t tell’ maxim?


Close-Up Editing & Assessment – Open for Business!

Hi everyone!

Very excited today to announce the opening of a manuscript assessment and editing service, Close-Up Editing & Assessment.

Brooke and I have been hard at work, quietly planning and preparing for this, and are at last ready to open – with the launch of the website, right here:

Close-Up-HeaderIt’s a simple site, which should be nice and easy to navigate, so have a look around and please pass it on/share this with anyone you feel might be interested in getting an assessment of their work done.

Close-Up will specialise in fiction and poetry assessments, but is open to other genres and forms.

Thanks for reading!

Ashley & Brooke