Latest Issue of The Diamond & The Thief

Inside, along with my piece comes to rest – there is the wonderful smoke by Nick Santos-Pedro and Forest from Shane Jesse Christmass (with many great lines like:  ‘the grey-gold of the dying sun’) and The Pink Coral War by Lily Chan, with a great narrative, here:

“Toyo loved her English class. Every day she eagerly waited for her teacher to arrive. She gazed at his flawless profile, the straight nose, determined chin. His eyebrows were as straight as his accent. Toyo and her friends were devastated when he left for an inter-district transfer. He was a handsome dream.

Then their English textbooks gathered dust.

The replacement teacher was old and fat and they called him Gut. He mopped a gleaming forehead with a handkerchief and spat out adjectives, verbs and nouns like cigarette butts. Sometimes she daydreamed that her handsome teacher returned to the school, greeting her with joy”

Comes to Rest – Audio

Not too long ago Jeremy Balius sent me a link to an audio file of a short poem of mine which is appearing in the upcoming edition of The Diamond & the Thief (Black Rider Press) so I thought I’d get myself organised and finally post a link!

While you’re over at the Black Rider you’ll see loads of great work from Graham Nunn, Amanda Joy & Kirk Marshall to name but 3!

comes to rest – audio

Thank you, Jeremy for accepting the work and to Harvey for playing the guitar!

(Crank the volume a little as I didn’t master the recording)