little boy

little boy

territory denial and a man true to his mother

the shutter
is actually arranged to interrupt light
and the apple-worm is a pinkish-white finger

the poster may have said

a girl (and her doll) wearing pajamas
was common to find in graves

Holst, Mars (06 August 1945 – present day)

crushing rail, vehicular, and pedestrian traffic
is a semi-autobiographical novel
by another confectioner’s son

struck by a laundry truck
full of dirty atoms
an appetizer popularized in Manhattan
(does an oven mitt have a liver?)

whether you’re looking for an inexpensive derby
or a legacy of bones

the only food colouring in the factory is pink. Walter used it.

(first published in Cottonmouth zine, July 2008)



Here’s a poem with cut-up elements that I wrote a while back – the LANGUAGE Poets influence might be visible? I’m not sure but here it is, a blast from a few years back πŸ™‚


the sky fades
to a rarer blue
where winter
has flown buckets over
to shred
every single flower
in the garden

wearing itself out
leaving each
but a pale song
of the last

and where fog
sneaks in
to choke windows
and then naught
but the
smallest yellow glow
from the ocean




(This cut-up has been adapted from titles taken from my last twenty or so poems)

cut up#3.2014 (haiku)

(Only) My third cut-up of for the year so far – I know I started late so I’d love to do a fair few more, but we’ll see how my time plays out!

The first one is cut from 3 different random Facebook status updates:


enjoying our little
solar system
early start tomorrow


And this one not a cut up, but thanks to Sara for the tip! (replacing ‘car seat’ with ‘passenger seat’) πŸ™‚


caught between
the passenger seat
fuel docket

cut up#2.2014

Here’s another cut-up, really enjoying them at the moment – it’s taken from snippets from two of my pieces, this time Saint Mark’s square and Vesuvius sleeping – I reworked this a little more than the last one, and added bits, it’s actually less a cut-up more of a mashing together perhaps!


the sky sang slowly down
to the ocean

and its notes floated
and never
stopped, never
came back

and when it sung to the shore
the flies would sneak into drinks

and though we never saw them
the dogs barked

back at it

with the bright snap
of teeth

and when the sunlight
melted down the stone walls

we found peace

cut up #1.2014

I’m a big fan of the ‘cut-up’ approach to poetry, it’s usually pretty damn fun and I think it allows for unexpected images and ideas to come to the fore – so this time I went with an unfinished draft of one of my own poems, but with the restriction that I take the first line from every stanza, instead of taking randomly.

I’ll probably try a few more of these over the year – probably much longer ones too.

Here’s the result:


two drunk kids
as streetlights
and cars
sneak into the dusk