‘River God’ Release Day!

River God Release Day! (Well, for certain hemispheres πŸ˜€ – just a few more hours and it’s the 1st in the US too)

For those of you following Never’s story you can see the ebook the print edition of the first 3 volumes below, (also available through other retailers – a small list is here)

e – https://www.amazon.com/River-God-Fantasy-Novella-Never-ebook/dp/B01GKE8R2M
p – https://www.amazon.com/Book-Never-Volumes-1-3/dp/0994528914

Survey! For Free!!!

Yep, that’s right – A FREE SURVEY! No cost to you!


Okay, in all seriousness now, I’d love your opinion if you’ve got 1-3 minutes spare?

If you’ve ever read my poetry or fiction in the past I’m hoping you can help me decide what my next release should be. If so, check out this short survey below and grab a free e-book while you’re at it

Survey (via Survey Monkey)


Somnus & the March Hare – Available as Ebook

A few years ago you might remember me posting about one of my first short fiction sales – Somnus and the March Hare.

Well, I finally released it as a stand-alone ebook and it’s available on Amazon (AU/US/UK/CA) for about $1 and other retailers if anyone wanted to check it out.



Cover by the awesome Rebekah at VIVID COVERS


Michael cannot sleep and it’s ruining his life – but when the March Hare pops out of a picture book and offers to help him cut a deal with Somnus, the Roman God of Sleep, Michael has no choice but to accept.

A short story set in Australia for fans of magic-realism and contemporary fantasy.

Buy Direct Option (for fiction)

crossings - ebookΒ  tfwawhisperfinal








Just a quick update to say that I’ve finally organised purchase links for my City of Masks site – so you can now buy signed paperbacks and ebooks directly from me!

All you have to do is visit a book’s page (via the images above) and choose between print (with either AU or international shipping) and ebook, using the PayPal ‘Buy Now’ buttons πŸ™‚

The Bone Mask Trilogy – (e)Book 2 Has Landed

Snapping Turtle made this cool banner for the ebook release (which is right now :D) of my second novel in the Bone Mask Trilogy (The Lost Mask):
Lost Mask Banner

And so I thought I’d try whip up something similar (but not as good) for the whole Trilogy as it stands so far and made this:

Bone Mask Promo - Book 1 & 2

Which was a lot of fun because I got to see the covers side-by-side – both created by the awesome Kerry Fox.

If anyone from the poetry world happens to be following the series, you can check out the opening chapters of The Lost Mask over at Amazon πŸ™‚

E-book – Amazon (AU)
E-book – Amazon (US)
E-Book – Amazon (UK)