Two haibun published at Contemporary Haibun Online

Very happy to report that two more of my haibun pieces have been accepted, this time by the wonderful Contemporary Haibun Online.

One is a little newer than the other, though both deal with being a tourist in Italy, something I was lucky enough to do back in 2011. Here they are:

Vatican Blues



Speaking of haibun and more specifically, the form of haiku, I’d like to know if anyone out there is interested in participating in a short but informal (and free) workshop on composing haiku?

I’d be willing to run it via a ‘closed’ blog if there was enough interest – please let me know here in the comments if you’re keen!


Vittoria Scaffidi

Vittoria is a Florentine artist whose watercolours instantly stood out in a city full of wonderful watercolour artists. In part due to the sometimes darker colours she uses, but also the outline/coloured look, where the image often leaves the ‘frame.’

She can be found in Piazza Pitti, Florence, and it’s definitely worth visiting her if you’re travelling. The piece my wife and I purchased was of the Duomo visible behind the Ponte Vecchio, it drew our attention from across the street – I’ll try and upload an image later. In the meantime, here’s a link to what might be her old website (hopefully it still works) where you can see work that is similar to the piece we have:

Vittoria Scaffidi

And a link to a interview/profile about her at Clever Magazine. The interview is a few years old, but has some great information in it. I’ve actually come across a few travellers who’ve mentioned Vittoria on blogs after visiting Florence, which is great to see. I’d definitely buy another piece of hers without hesitation.