Year Five

I was searching the archive of posts here for a haiku I wanted to rework and I realised that I started this blog in August of 2009!

It’s already been five years – I’m surprised and kinda pleased that people still visit after that long! Now, I’m not sure I’ve written five years worth of quality posts (365 posts total), but I’m happy with a few of them at least and have been  thrilled most of all with the people I’ve met through the blog.

Writing can be lonely and it’s great to have the support of everyone who visits, even if it’s only once, though I deeply appreciate the support of folks who stop by regularly.

So thanks everyone, hope you stick around!

Here’s a poem and a photo – haven’t posted either for a while now by the looks of things. (and a quick link – a haibun just went live at foam:e!)



when diving
the rain always
finds an upturned face

but no mythology

just the ocean
as background,
waves onto old sand

without even a hair-like whisper
of the horrible things
it knows about us

just a rhythm
for sleeping
and endless, endless forgiveness



On a train to Florence, smiling obviously