Between Giants Available Now!

Fantastic news – my latest poetry collection is available right now from the Ginninderra Press website. Just go here and scroll down a bit. You’ll find a link to ‘Buy Now’ beneath two wonderful quotes from Grahan Nunn and Jane Williams, whose support I really appreciate, thank you both.



Ashley Capes’ communication and exploration of the outer and inner worlds we inhabit is generous and inclusive, favouring sincerity over artifice and meaning over wordplay…
Jane Williams

Capes walks a breathtaking tightrope between geographical locations and everyday miracles…
Graham Nunn


Congratulations also to Dhyan for winning the between giants giveaway, hope you enjoy it! Thank you also to the other entrants, please stay tuned for details of a launch early next year, once the holidays have finished and we’re all ready for more poetry. I’d also like to acknowledge Stephen Matthews from GP for all the hard work he’s put into the collection, thank you again, Stephen.

between giants – selection process

In an interview with Graham Nunn, I asked him about the selection process for putting a collection together, in this case Ocean Hearted – here’s what he said:

Selection is far more painful than editing. It is the one job I happily give over to other people. It is incredibly difficult to make that ruthless decision about what stays in and what is left out. I am lucky to have four or five people that I can send work to; people whose instinct I trust. Once they are finished with the ms, it is generally pretty clear which poems have risen to the surface. It is then a matter of sequencing. In that sense, I generally look at things like a musician making an album. I want each poem to make the collection build in intensity and emotion. More often than not I have a start and finish point, so then I look over the poems to build the narrative in between.

And I definitely agree. Having just gone through the process for between giants I find the selection process for my own work tough indeed. No surprise there, as I’m hardly the most objective person – having written the poems it’s hard to tell which are strongest. Sometimes it seems easy to tell which I feel are weakest, until someone tells me I just cut one of their favs!

As an example, this piece which was published at foam:e not too long ago, I thought would fit in the collection. Once I started selecting and putting the pieces together however, found I couldn’t sequence it. It seemed to stand out a little, as no other pieces really dealt with film or the cinema that way and I didn’t want to disrupt the feel of the collection. So it didn’t make it and I still wonder about that one – but in the end, not everything can go in, cuts have to be made.

As the end of October and the release approaches, I thought I’d quickly mention that I’ll be running a between giants giveaway competition soon too!

Tintin Review

Nearly two years ago I registered with Goodreads and haven’t actually used it until recently, when I felt like reviewing a Tintin volume – which I thought I’d share here. (My and many people’s favourite and perhaps the greatest Tintin adventure).

I also really enjoyed the idea of collecting a list of some of the books I have. Being able to display their covers also quite satisfies the Book Nerd within me, but the Completionist part of me is still looking for a few image covers – like Graham’s Ruined Man for instance.  And so somewhat after Graham’s great post here – where he introduced me to share your shelf – here’s a link to the 100 or so books I’ve added to my Goodreads page so far, check it out if you’re curious about some of my favourites!

100 or so favourites

Farm & Boneless at QPF- featuring Graham and Sheish

Here’s a short video of me reading two pieces from one of my sets at last month’s Queensland Poetry Festival. The first is ‘Farm‘ and a newer one, ‘Boneless.’ It was damn good. And Graham and Sheish are just perfect here – in truth I am accompanying them!

I hope to upload other footage of our set in the future, but I’m away for a few weeks and so this little post will be all until I return!


‘Let it Rain’ – Graham Nunn and Sheish Money at QPF!

Continuing my QPF come-down, I’m going to be uploading bits and pieces from the festival. Today, it’s the closing set from Graham Nunn and Sheish Money at the Queensland Poetry Festival – they perform their piece ‘Let it Rain’ and it is wonderful, wonderful stuff. Everything works so well (except my reasonably average camera work!)



Theatre Space of the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts. Closing night of the QPF 28.8.11.

Ocean Hearted Flood Relief Project

Things are so far beyond tough in Queensland (Australia) at the moment, with widespread devastation due to flooding. I wanted to alert your attention to something Queensland poet Graham Nunn is doing at his site, the Ocean Hearted Flood Relief Project.

Basically, Graham is donating his book sales and and matching each sale with a personal donation. It’s one of the best collections of Australian poetry around too, so have a look at the link above and see if you can help.

page seventeen – issue 8 is out!

A big list of great pieces lurks beneath the leaves of this issue, much bigger than the one I’ve lazily copied from the web but nonetheless, inside you’ll find work by

Graham Nunn, Ivy Alvarez, David Prater, Amelia Walker, Matt Hetherington, Jane Williams, Graham Rowlands, Mark William Jackson, A. S Patric and Anna Ryan-Punch to name but a few.

It’s especially satisfying to receive this issue because, as I’ve mentioned, selecting the poetry for it was a blast, and seeing it all together is great. But better is the surprises, with the stories and competition entries, which I had yet to read, being revealed at last.

Enjoying having a good read.

Thanks again to Tiggy and to everyone who submitted!