Midnight in Paris – Cleared

Pleased to see that a film I really enjoyed, Midnight in Paris, is ‘off the hook’:


The Faulkner Estate recently brought a claim against Sony for violating IP rights, but lost due to a ruling which sites the film’s use of his words as being ‘transformative’. Here’s some background on issue.

Personally I thought the way Faulkner’s line is actually used in the film, within dialogue from Owen Wilson’s character, and with an attribution as part of that dialogue, is more of a homage rather than a violation, and would fall within fair use. I do wonder, if the estate had been successful, would it lead to the idea that quotes or lines from books should be licensed to film studios? Murky.

True violation of IP is awful, no doubt, but Midnight in Paris doesn’t feel like it to me.

What do you think?