page seventeen – issue 8 is out!

A big list of great pieces lurks beneath the leaves of this issue, much bigger than the one I’ve lazily copied from the web but nonetheless, inside you’ll find work by

Graham Nunn, Ivy Alvarez, David Prater, Amelia Walker, Matt Hetherington, Jane Williams, Graham Rowlands, Mark William Jackson, A. S Patric and Anna Ryan-Punch to name but a few.

It’s especially satisfying to receive this issue because, as I’ve mentioned, selecting the poetry for it was a blast, and seeing it all together is great. But better is the surprises, with the stories and competition entries, which I had yet to read, being revealed at last.

Enjoying having a good read.

Thanks again to Tiggy and to everyone who submitted!

quick page seventeen wrap up

Easily the toughest part about editing any journal, is the amount of great work you have to send back. At the end of every submission period, I have to return poetry that I wanted to have in whatever publication I’m working on at the time.

For issue 8 of p17, I was flooded with some quality work indeed. (And I hear it was the same with the SS too) It made me sad to send so much back. If I am a fisherman, than I did not over-fish, even though I wanted to. The nature of the print journal is like that however, we have only so much space…

Thanks to Tiggy for inviting me in the first place (and more about Tiggy’s new book soon) and to Vicki for doing such an awesome job running the ship while I tried my best not to rock it! Really looking forward to seeing what Vicki, Peter and Laurie have selected for the short stories.

More rambling to follow!