Production Context – Where & when do you write?

This is a question that I’ve always found fascinating. Where do people actually write? Is it always ‘live’ in the moment, in a mad dash through your bag or pockets for notebook and pen, or is it after the event, at home? On a computer? In a book? On the back of your hand? Do you, like me, occasionally type a line into an unsent text message? The classic cafe napkin? Are you a true Romantic poet and do you get out there and compose in the wilds of nature?

‘When’ is another question that interests me. Evening and late night, is often when I work best, especially with poetry. And not just because of my reasonably typical 8-5 job. It’s also about the quiet, the lack of phone calls, visitors and so on. When writing in the daylight hours I have more luck on the weekend.

I suppose, when I ask about ‘where’ I should include the Ideological Where, but that might be too big of a topic for this blog post, so perhaps I might instead go a little more micro in focus, and ask about the workspace itself?

The amount of clutter on my desktop definitely impedes me. If there isn’t at least some free space nearby, I cannot work. Instead, I have a notice-board behind the laptop. It’s covered in t-shirt logos, images, photos, notes, postcards of famous paintings, ticket stubs, an old lanyard from my days working at Sanity and an old pair of headphones. It’s cluttered, but it’s clutter with a soul I guess, as opposed to the kipple that often overtakes my desktop.

So I’d love to hear what you think, where do you compose and what sort of impact does it have on your writing?

Image 1: Casper David Friedrich. ‘Wanderer above the Mist’.  1817-1818.
Image 2: ArtbyFLo. ‘Smiling Moon’.  2008

Haiku from Graham Nunn

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Currently leading our Kasen Renku at Issa’s Snail (see link to the right) is the talented Graham Nunn. Here are some of his own haiku:

dawn service
red scarf slashed
across the digger’s throat


nudist beach
all eyes stare
out to sea


rooster’s yellow beak opens the morning


makeshift bed
blood on the face
of the new born


at dusk
pink and blue clouds
of fairy floss

Graham Nunn
Unfortunately, Graham’s haiku collection, a zen firecracker, is sold out, but measuring the depth, his beautiful haibun collection is not, have a look here