Somnus & the March Hare – Available as Ebook

A few years ago you might remember me posting about one of my first short fiction sales – Somnus and the March Hare.

Well, I finally released it as a stand-alone ebook and it’s available on Amazon (AU/US/UK/CA) for about $1 and other retailers if anyone wanted to check it out.



Cover by the awesome Rebekah at VIVID COVERS


Michael cannot sleep and it’s ruining his life – but when the March Hare pops out of a picture book and offers to help him cut a deal with Somnus, the Roman God of Sleep, Michael has no choice but to accept.

A short story set in Australia for fans of magic-realism and contemporary fantasy.

Magical Realism – Blog Hop

For part of the Magical Realism Blog Hop initiated over at Zoe Brooks’ awesome site, I wanted to post something new but I’m a bit pressed for time so I thought I’d share this post from my other site instead:




A Wild Sheep Chase – Mini Review

I loved A Wild Sheep Chase – I finished it a while back but finally got around to recording a couple of (brief) thoughts about it.

For me, this is a great place to start if you’re new to Haruki Murakami. The story has all the classic Murakami elements; an almost detective-like search, a mysterious, bewitching girl and wonderful surrealist aspects – most strikingly perhaps, in one hell of a strange sheep that no-one can seem to find.

Unlike say, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle‘s wider scope, this shorter novel has a swifter storyline and also features more surrealism than another popular entry point to his work, Norwegian Wood.

When I look back on it my strongest impression is actually (at first) thinking the ending wasn’t as strong as I was expecting, yet I found myself thinking about the end of the novel often in the days after. So, as it turns out, it was actually exactly what it needed to be.

Definitely worth getting a copy.


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The Fairy Wren – Available in Print!

After some delay I’m thrilled to announce that The Fairy Wren is available for purchase!


Here’s the blurb:

Paul Fischer is an emotionally distant bookseller who finds himself beaten down by his failing business, which transforms life in the Australian coastal town of Stony Bay into a daily struggle.

When he receives a strange phone call asking for help, from a woman who may or may not be his estranged wife Rachel, he is drawn into a mysterious search that threatens not only his livelihood, but long-buried dreams too.


Print only for now – but the ebook ought to be soon (just following up with distributor) and in the mean time you can check out part of chapter one over here and if you’re keen you can order a copy from the following places:

Amazon (US)
Barnes&Noble (US)
Amazon (UK)
Angus & Robertson (AU)
Fishpond (AU)
Bookworld (AU)

Or you can order a signed copy from me for $23 (inc postage) – just leave a comment if you want me to contact you, or shoot me an e-mail!



I’ll be announcing the winner of the newsletter sign up tomorrow too!