New Review of ‘Stepping Over Seasons’

Today I received most welcome news – a review of my latest book, Stepping Over Seasons. Written by the wonderful Patricia Prime and posted at Graham Nunn’s shark, it really made my day (and a great way to start the school holidays.)

I am deeply grateful to both Pat and Graham, and also to Mark William Jackson for his review earlier in the year. I believe reviewers deserve much more credit than they receive – it’s no small thing to spend all that time thinking, reading, writing about a book – and then distilling everything you feel into your own piece of writing.

And one of the best things about reading a review of your own work, is that it can show you things about your own writing that you didn’t recognise – and that in itself is an immeasurable gift – something that expands self awareness.

Here’s an excerpt, and a link to the full review is above if you’ve got time for a read.

Characteristically Capes exemplifies an acceptance of the whole of life, of his own humility – toughly, zestfully, serenely.  In the first part of the two-part poem “botanic,” he writes about the park “full of photographers”  and also full of readers, ibis, people and a “Chinese couple / posing for wedding photos.”  But beyond this tranquil scene lies the city with its sirens, streets humming with threats and the casino.  His equity is in simply being alive to the sights and sounds that surround him.

wheels are gods

so onto the highway
looking forward now
daylight blessing the dashboard
and road-signs falling down
cicadas drunk, singing
the same lines over
and over – rainbows trapped
in webs between garbage cans
in suburban streets
after long nights of
being still and the haggard faces
of clouds drooping over rooves
rain like the echo of
a thousand fists on locked doors
and we’re just about across
the state line
and the keys are light
and petrol stations rise up on
an orange horizon, tall as
saints settling on earth.