between giants – blog launch – day two

To open the launch, I’m thrilled to have Graham Nunn reading ‘Man About Town’ from between giants for the first performance.

Click below to listen

Graham is the author of six books of poetry, including one of my absolute favourites, Ocean Hearted and his latest, the beautiful The First 30 and Other Poems which details the first thirty days with his newborn son. I’d like to thank Graham for his support and his wonderful reading here and urge you to support his work, if you’re a poetry fan you will not be disappointed.

blog launch prizes, deals and offers

between giants is available for $18 (postage paid in Aus) by contacting me directly, just leave a comment below and I will e-mail you. You can also order through publisher Ginninderra, click here to purchase via Paypal. I’d love your support and it would be fantastic to have you visit again and let me know what you thought of the poetry.

During launch week you can also purchase my previous titles at reduced prices, along with a ‘book pack’ option including all four of my collections for $40 postage paid (in Aus).

Stepping Over Seasons (2009) - $15

Stepping Over Seasons (2009) – $15

Orion Tips the Saucepan (2010) - 2for$5

Orion Tips the Saucepan (2010) – 2for$5

pollen and the storm (2008) - $10

pollen and the storm (2008) – $10








There is also a ‘Giveaway’ for those of you on Goodreads, which is free to enter, all you have to do is click here!

Poetry Critique Offer

For anyone interested in getting constructive criticism on their poetry, I’m also offering to look at up to five poems free of charge, if you leave a comment or e-mail me. (I have qualifications in Editing and an Honours Degree in Writing, along with four poetry collections and in addition to this I have been editing poetry journals/publications for the last ten years – most recently working as poetry editor for page seventeen since issue eight).

In the days to come there will be performances from Jane Williams, Robbie Coburn, Mark William Jackson and myself, so stick around, lots more poetry to come!

between giants – selection process

In an interview with Graham Nunn, I asked him about the selection process for putting a collection together, in this case Ocean Hearted – here’s what he said:

Selection is far more painful than editing. It is the one job I happily give over to other people. It is incredibly difficult to make that ruthless decision about what stays in and what is left out. I am lucky to have four or five people that I can send work to; people whose instinct I trust. Once they are finished with the ms, it is generally pretty clear which poems have risen to the surface. It is then a matter of sequencing. In that sense, I generally look at things like a musician making an album. I want each poem to make the collection build in intensity and emotion. More often than not I have a start and finish point, so then I look over the poems to build the narrative in between.

And I definitely agree. Having just gone through the process for between giants I find the selection process for my own work tough indeed. No surprise there, as I’m hardly the most objective person – having written the poems it’s hard to tell which are strongest. Sometimes it seems easy to tell which I feel are weakest, until someone tells me I just cut one of their favs!

As an example, this piece which was published at foam:e not too long ago, I thought would fit in the collection. Once I started selecting and putting the pieces together however, found I couldn’t sequence it. It seemed to stand out a little, as no other pieces really dealt with film or the cinema that way and I didn’t want to disrupt the feel of the collection. So it didn’t make it and I still wonder about that one – but in the end, not everything can go in, cuts have to be made.

As the end of October and the release approaches, I thought I’d quickly mention that I’ll be running a between giants giveaway competition soon too!

Ocean Hearted Flood Relief Project

Things are so far beyond tough in Queensland (Australia) at the moment, with widespread devastation due to flooding. I wanted to alert your attention to something Queensland poet Graham Nunn is doing at his site, the Ocean Hearted Flood Relief Project.

Basically, Graham is donating his book sales and and matching each sale with a personal donation. It’s one of the best collections of Australian poetry around too, so have a look at the link above and see if you can help.