Third Australian Haiku Anthology

pw_banner_bgOne of Australia’s best known haiku publications, paper wasp is a quarterly out of Queensland, Australia, and one which is open to submissions worldwide.

They’ve always published great haiku (and related forms) from not only Australia’s best-known haiku poets but newer writers too, and I’ve been lucky enough to join all of those writers in the Third Australian Haiku Anthology (Eds Jacqui Murray & Katherine Samuelowicz.)

Five of my verses appeared in the collection, two of which I’ve reproduced below:


a splash of yellow
against the firestorm

autumn moon
groan as feet
hit cold tiles


But I mostly wanted to share some other favourites from within, and urge haiku writers to submit your work, and in addition, if you’re not already, and you can, to support the publication.

There’s a great range of voices throughout, along with a real reflection of Australian elements that aren’t always readily observable – but then, that’s what I’m looking for in my poetry as a reader, the chance to stop and see something again!

This anthology, and haiku itself, always helps me with that.

Here are just some of my many favourites:

bush track
first rain drops roll
dust into balls

Janice M. Bostok

strutting magpie
opening and closing
the supermarket doors

Belinda Broughton

rising from prayer
i find myself
in tourist photographs

Ross Clark

a squabble of rosellas
the clouds

Anne Elvey

distant thunder
the future
in my bones

Lorin Ford

autumn wind
chasing my old hat
old me

Peter Macrow


Letting my tongue
deeper into
the strawberry sundae

Graham Nunn

$5 phone card –
the things
I forgot to say

Vuong Pham

winter solstice
the barbed wire fence
furry with frost

Cynthia Rowe

a stranger’s blood
on my hand

Quendryth Young

They’re Giving Away Eggs?

So, for Easter I wanted to do something fun – and give away some back issues of Egg(Poetry). Egg is a handsome, compact, a5 print mag full of poetry, which I used to co-edit. I have some copies of issues 3 & 4 and I think even one or two of issues 1 & 2, which I’d be happy to post to anyone who’s game!

Egg featured a range of Aussie poets and a few international ones, some names familiar to readers might be Graham Nunn, Libby Hart, Anna Ryan-Punch, Peter Macrow, John West, Karen Knight, Graham Catt and Amelia Walker to name some I can remember without walking over and picking them up.


All you have to do is e-mail me your postal address WITH a short explanation of the ‘strangest thing you’ve done with a poem’ and if I get enough responses I’ll try and post ’em here!


(just a note, that’s a zero in between ‘mountain’ and ‘ash’ – and the frozen ham was the front cover of issue 1)

Blue Giraffe – Submissions Closing End of Feb

The submission period for Tasmanian poet Peter Macrow’s Blue Giraffe closes at the end of the month.

To submit, simply send 3-5 poems as word doc (old fashioned version, not doc x) to

Aside from verse, Peter also writes powerful haiku, and has done so for quite a few years.  Stay tuned for a review of his latest chapbook ‘Spring Rain.’