Ipswich Poetry Feast 2013 – Open Now!

Ipswich Poetry Feast 2013 – Open Now!


Submissions are open now!

This is a fantastic competition, one of the best poetry comps in Australian, hands down (and I’d still say that even if I hadn’t won a place in the past). With an amazing range of categories and prizes, including cash and mentoring, it’s well worth entering so go, go, go!

The $5 dollar entry fee is extremely reasonable for such a large prize pool too – so make sure you get your entries in before 5pm, Friday the 26th of July.

Symmetry Pebbles, Pressed & ThunkBook

Just squeezing in an update between working on the launch and a couple of reviews – so here it is:

You can find two of my poems, Soothing Things in Issue 4 of Symmetry Pebbles (see also a great poem from Stuart Barnes there too) and Alice which was published a while back by Joel McCaffery of Pressed (Issue 8), and who is now also Joel McCaffery of ThunkBook!

ThunkBook is also open for submissions, so head on over and check out the guidelines, subs are open until Feb 18th, 2013.

The Mornington Peninsula Prize 2010

The Mornington Peninsula Prize 2010

Offered by the Fellowship of Australian Writers (Vic) Peninsula Region
Poetry Competition
A poem of up to 30 lines:  open theme and style.
First Prize $200, Highly Commended and Commended certificates.
Entry Fee:  $5.00 per poem.



Gilgamesh Connections Fable Competition III

Now open for entries… if you haven’t been able to enter the comps in the past,
make sure you try to this time, it’s our last fable comp for a long time!!
First, second and third prize.. all $500!
Deadline 5pm Friday October 8, 2010.

“Loki” at Cordite #33 – Creative Commons

While I’ve been working on the Cordite zombie renga, a whole issue has come and gone, and now the new one is up, and it’s a danm exciting one. One of my poems, Loki is featured which is always a thrill – but the best bit with this issue, is that it’s remixable – much like the  Custom / Made issue a little while back.

This means, to quote:

Cordite 33: Creative Commons contains thirty-three poems (okay, thirty four, but one of them’s an image), plus a wealth of feature material. But that’s not the end of it. In the spirit of Creative Commons, we’ve decided to make the poems in the issue available as downloadable Word and text documents.

We ‘d therefore like to invite you to download the issue and start remixing. You don’t need two turntables or a microphone, just a text editing programme and sense of creativity. You can edit and re-arrange the poems in any way you see fit.

Perhaps you’d like to take a line from each poem and construct your own meta-poem. Perhaps you’d like to cut every second word and see what you’re left with. We could go on, but don’t want to pre-empt your remixes too much!

As there’s no sound in a vacuum, we’re very interested in seeing the results of your efforts. For this reason, we’re now accepting submissions for Cordite 33.1: The Remixes, which we hope will eventually contain a whole bunch of remixes, from both contributors to the issue and readers.

Please send your remixes to submissions@cordite.org.au with the word ‘Remix’ in the subject line. Remember to attach your submission as a Word or RTF document. We’ll be accepting submissions throughout the month of August – this means that the deadline for submissions is midnight on 31 August 2010.

So what are you waiting for? Download and get cracking!

David Prater and team have been busy pushing boundaries for a time now, certainly more than many publications, and in doing so, have been opening up poetry in satisfyingly collaborative ways. And why shouldn’t they? There should only be a certain amount of static elements to an online journal – new technology enbables too much potential for that that technology to go unexplored.

Can’t wait to see where they take it next!

Martha Richardson Memorial Poetry Prize

Announcing the return of the Martha Richardson Memorial Poetry Prize, run by Ballarat Writers to honour the memory of poet, Martha Richardson.

Poetry to 40 lines, open theme
First prize: $1000 AUD
Judge: Judith Rodriguez
Entry $10 per poem
Closing date: 15 October 2010
Results announced online December 2010

Guidelines and entry details available here

Poetry Editor for ‘page seventeen’ 2010


Very, very excited to share some more news – this year I’ll be serving as Poetry Editor for the upcoming issue of page seventeen!

Working with some great people, and looking forward to sinking my teeth into some equally great poetry – and submissions are open, so get cracking folks! (They close June 30th)

Thank you, Tiggy!


Here’s a link to the full team and announcement at Tiggy’s blog, words in progress and visit the p17 link above to find full submission guidelines.