A 3rd Helping of Haiku

This time it’s some of mine – you can find one of my haiku in Issue 2 of Notes from the Gean (and Issue 1 too actually)

And another in theAugust issue of World Haiku Review

I’m really happy to be in both of these publications – feels great to share the pages with such fine poets – if you jump over for a look you’ll see more work from Joseph Mueller, Lorin Ford, Graham Nunn, Rhonda Poholke and many others who I cannot recall right now…but have a look anyway!

More Haiku from Issa’s Snail

Today I’m once again mirroring a post from kipple in order to sample some more of the great poets contributing to interactive renku site Issa’s Snail (see link to the right)

wind and wattle –
a season without
a name


four dolphins ride
the lip of the surf –


a squabble of rosellas
the clouds


a welcome mat –
the tabby unfolds
on a handkerchief of sun

Anne Elvey


swamp gums
in blossom
honeyeaters luncheon


Uluru –
in the distance there sits
a hippopotamus


old wooden bridge
waves of sand
…drifting mist


Southern Cross Station
two silver trains glide in
a blackbird flies out

Rhonda Poholke