All Features Great and Small: Robbie Coburn Reviews ‘Between Giants’

Fantastic review of my latest collection between giants from Victorian poet Robbie Coburn. It’s always, always a thrill to read a great review!

Rochford Street Review

Between Giants by Ashley Capes, Ginninderra Press. 2012

betweengiantswebTo read Ashley Capes’ poetry is like standing on your veranda or in your lounge room, or anywhere for that matter, and simply finding the poetry that lies in the every day. In fact, Capes acknowledges this fact in stating he will ‘keep sucking poetry from small things” (‘a table set for thousands’), a statement that sets the tone for his latest offering Between Giants nicely.

This type of work is expertly balanced and a breath of fresh air amidst the countless collections of difficult and unnecessarily thesaurus-laden modern poetry. Capes has an impressive ability to reflect on the every day and make it so much more in his lines and sentiments, sourcing beauty and food for thought in even the most mundane of things, in a voice that feels genuine, assured and intelligent. As Jane Williams states on the back cover…

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Robbie Coburn’s SOS Review Republished at Rochford Street Review

I’m back with a thank you once again to poet Robbie Coburn, who just let me know that his review of my last collection, Stepping Over Seasons, was republished by Rochford Street Review which is great news for us both I reckon!

Head on over for a read and check out some of the other great reviews of Australian writing – including Robbie’s other review published in the issue – this one of Lucy Dougan’s On the Circumvesuviana.

stepping over seasons cover