Spoken Word Opportunity

4779Subs are open for Audacious – an online spoken word journal – and it looks ace, in fact, once I finish this post I’m going to sub a piece as I find spoken poetry a pretty cool challenge.

Check out full guidelines here and ask benjamin@melbournespokenword.com any questions, just be sure to get your sub in before December 19, 2014!

Farm & Boneless at QPF- featuring Graham and Sheish

Here’s a short video of me reading two pieces from one of my sets at last month’s Queensland Poetry Festival. The first is ‘Farm‘ and a newer one, ‘Boneless.’ It was damn good. And Graham and Sheish are just perfect here – in truth I am accompanying them!

I hope to upload other footage of our set in the future, but I’m away for a few weeks and so this little post will be all until I return!


‘Let it Rain’ – Graham Nunn and Sheish Money at QPF!

Continuing my QPF come-down, I’m going to be uploading bits and pieces from the festival. Today, it’s the closing set from Graham Nunn and Sheish Money at the Queensland Poetry Festival – they perform their piece ‘Let it Rain’ and it is wonderful, wonderful stuff. Everything works so well (except my reasonably average camera work!)



Theatre Space of the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts. Closing night of the QPF 28.8.11.

A Clip from the Festival – Haiku

Woah. Massive few days – amazing stuff. I still haven’t managed to digest it all, but I will be taking to the time to write up my thoughts and experiences in proper detail, as soon as I can!

In the meantime, here’s some of the haiku I performed as part of my last reading. And thanks once again to those of you who could come along – and a quick but heartfelt thanks to Sarah, Sheish & Graham too, but more on that later.

Going Down Swinging No.29

Very simply, you should get this one.


But glib statements aside, this is a fantastic issue. Right down to the beautiful print job – holding GDS #29 you almost get the feeling that you ought to have cotton gloves on, it’s just a wonderful finish.

And the cover by Mila Faranov is outstanding, presented beautifully by Morpheus Studios’ jacket design.

Inside it’s still great. To choose only a few favourite moments, there is Graham Nunn‘s Sentinel – where a found animal skull has “ants completing the delicate work” of cleaning it.

Oslo Davis‘ graphic novella is a perfect centrepiece, with especially effective use of perspective in the images and humour in the story of Walter, “an undercover, undercover ticket inspector [who] could be under investigation.”

And the humour continues with Simon Cox‘s Instructions for Bored Children on Long Car Trips which had me smiling ruefully with unpleasant memories.

Then you have the powerful contrasts elsewhere in the issue, where Jane’s To Do List by Ivy Alvarez is full of striking lines and a general feeling of threat and tension: “his eyes on my skin/two slugs silvering”.

It’s really nice to have a beautifully presented magazine paced well too, the running order and balance of the work inside is a testament to editors Klare Lanson & Lisa Greenaway – thanks for a great issue indeed.

Heaps more that I should mention in detail – but I’m running out of time today, so quickly; there are also great works by (among many others) Lorin Ford, (a delicate meditation on water) Matthew Hall (with a quartet of pieces dealing with light and memory) and Alec Patric‘s prose poem with its impressive construction and almost stream of conscious word choice.

Clearly, I recommend this issue – I feel quite honoured to be alongside the artists within!